All Tied Up is a song that Wendell sings after he bullied Louise taking her jump rope and Shelia Rae gets revenge by tying him up to a fence. Here's the official song.



Lyrics Edit

I'm all tied up, with no place to go,

and now I've got an itch on the tip of my nose.

I'm all tied up, I feel like a dope,

This is what I get for stealing somebody's rope!

If I were superman there'd be no problem,

I'd fly into the sky, I'd be the hero guy.

If I was Aladdin, I'd rub my lamp,

My genie would appear and get me outta here!

But I'm all tied up, with no place to go,

And now the itch has moved to the tip of my toe.

I'm all tied up, oh what can I say,

I guess this hasn't been my lucky day.

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