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Amy Fourpaws is one of the Harry's best friends in the PC game, Harry and the Haunted House. She is a kind, sweet, friendly, cute, pretty and very brave freckled girl who appears to be the only kid not to tremble in anything and who has no fears. However, at the end, she is shocked when Harry loses his cap in the Haunted Mansion, and is once again reluctant to go back in.

Physical Appearance and Attire[]

Amy is an orange cat who wears a pink shirt with blue overalls. She also has a pink bow on her head.


Amy Fourpaws's quotes

Voice Actors[]

  • Tina Satris


  • Amy doesn't get scared in the PC game Harry and the Haunted House and is shocked when Harry loses his cap in the haunted mansion.
  • Amy is the only female character in this game.