Arthur's Computer Adventure is the number seventeenth Living Books PC CD-Rom Game from 1998 based on the 1997 Arthur's Computer Disaster book by Marc Brown and the CD Rom Game was released in June 30, 1998.

Arthur's Computer Adventure
Living Books - Titles-Arthur's Computer Adventure.
Living Books CD Rom (1998)


June 30, 1998


Arthur, Mom, D.W., Buster, The Brain, Dad






The Cat in the Hat


D.W. the Picky Eater


Arthur is excited about a brand new computer game called "Deep Dark Sea". Specifically, the goal of the game is to find "the thing," which if done, he'll win the game.

Eager to do this, he spends all the time he can, but doesn't actually make it before bedtime, so he saves his game.

The next morning, Arthur invites Buster over, but can't use the computer since Mrs. Read is working on it. Mrs. Read explains that Arthur and Buster can't use her computer to play Deep Dark Sea because it is tax season. Then she tells them they are not allowed to touch it before heading off to her office building. She says, "I need to run to the office. And no one touches my computer". But Arthur (after talking about the game with Buster), he becomes anxious. So as a result, he chooses to play the game anyway.

After Mrs. Read leaves, Arthur and Buster stare at the computer. D.W warns that she knows what Arthur is thinking. Arthur says that he so close for finding the treasure chest (which is supposed to end his game with a win). Buster says, "You probably could find it before your mom gets home". D.W warns Arthur that she is going to tell dad. Arthur tells D.W that D.W can have his desserts forever.

Arthur then loaded the game. In the game, as Arthur is showing the game to Buster, Buster tells Arthur to watch out for the squid squad. Arthur looks at his energy bars and says, "I am running out of oxygen!".

When they come across a treasure chest, and find out it's the "thing" they were looking for, they get excited by jumping for the computer fighting over the mouse (fighting over who should open the treasure chest). When Buster says, "Let me open it!" (after Arthur had found the goal), Arthur argues "I found it!". Then they both dove for the mouse, and then they inadvertently knock the keyboard off the desk, causing the screen to go break off and go blank. When the keyboard crashed to the floor, it did not break the keyboard and mouse. But the screen did go blank.

Then, the phone rings. Arthur calls his mom. Mrs. Read says on the phone that she is not going to come back until tonight. Then she asks Arthur if everything is OK. Arthur responds, "Fine. Just great". D.W whispers and says to Arthur that he should take note that Mom can always tell when he is lying (she says, "Mom can tell when you're lying, you know".). Arthur then says "Goodbye" and tells himself that they can fix the computer before Mom comes back home.

Since turning the computer off and on again didn't solve the problem, they run through the computer manuals looking for a solution. This is for a first attempt. They tried reading computer manuals for fixing the computer, but it turns to be no help. That attempt fails. The computer manuals did not work. Arthur and Buster have an idea about the solution. This is for a second attempt (the Brain). Buster (who knows that the Brain always fixes anything), he suggests they should ask him. Knowing that the Brain can fix things like computers (even if it is not his fault when things get broken), Arthur and Buster decide to look for the Brain. Truthfully saying that the Brain can fix anything like the computer, Arthur thinks that the Brain might know the solution.

When Arthur and Buster look for the Brain at his house, the Brain's mother (when they get to the Brain's house) looked for the Brain but found him not home. The Brain's mom (unnamed in the book, but is called "Mrs. Powers" in the Arthur TV series), she tells them that Alan (the Brain) is not at home (she says, "Alan is not home. But you might see him at the library".). First they check the library; then they check the museum. But before they were about to give up, they found him.

After searching for a long time, they finally see him at the pond (skipping rocks at the stream). Before going back to Arthur's house, Arthur and Buster skip a few stones with the Brain. Everyone goes back to Arthur's house (Arthur, Buster, and the Brain).

At Arthur's house, the Brain examines the computer. The Brain says, "Hmmm...!", then shakes his head. Arthur asks, "That bad?". The Brain says, "It must be. I can't find the problem". Then Arthur knows that (since the Brain couldn't find the problem), sometimes there are things that grown ups (like the Brain) can't fix. And therefore, computers with this kind of situation is one of them. The Brain turns out to be no help either (he can't find the problem). Since the Brain couldn't fix it, Arthur thanks him anyhow for trying (saying to him, "Well, thank you for trying".). The Brain couldn't find the problem but it was worth a try. D.W warns Arthur that he is going to be in so much trouble when Mom and Dad come home and Mom finds out about the computer (saying to him in a warning manner, "Now you are in really, really, really big trouble!"). At this point, Mom does not know about the computer yet (since she's still at work). Buster wonders, "If the Brain can't fix it...! Who can?". As a result, that attempt fails too. The computer manuals did not work for fixing it nor did the Brain. Arthur (with another attempt to fix the computer), says "I have an idea".

Finally, as a final resort (a third and final attempt) the trio (Buster, Arthur, and D.W), they go to the computer store (the computer repair shop). At the shop, Arthur asks the computer expert for a solution to fix it. He explains his problem to the computer expert. When he explains his problem, the computer expert explains how much a house call and hourly fees cost. So because of that, the fees for fixing are too high. Then Arthur says to himself that it might be more birthday money than he would see in his whole life. This final attempt failed and nothing that the trio (Arthur, D.W, and Buster) did made the computer work (computer manuals, the Brain, or the computer repair store). D.W (when clicked on by the user) says, "We're all doomed! Because now, Mommy is going to lose her job! And we are not going to be able to live in the house! So we all have to live in the cold and on the street! Then we all get pneumonia and probably die! And it's all your fault, Arthur!". (She means that since it is Arthur's fault, he better fix it.) Arthur (when the next page is clicked on), he says, "I am doomed!".

That evening, Mrs. Read comes home before they can fix it as a result. Arthur asks Mom if she would like to play a game of cards or do a family bike ride, Mrs. Read says to him that she does not have time tonight (just not today). Because she has tons of work. However, Arthur is too nervous to talk to her. Then, when Mrs. Read heads to the computer, Arthur gets sick.

Mom reached to the computer room and Arthur ran after her. Arthur ran after Mom, followed by D.W who ran after Arthur, and followed by Buster who ran home.

Later, in the computer room, Arthur desperately tries to keep Mom away from the computer. Before Mom's finger is about to hit the power button of the computer, Arthur yells, "STOP!". He says, "I was playing Deep Dark Sea. And the screen went blank! I'm sorry. I wrecked it. It's all my fault". At that, he is eventually forced to admit his mistake. Mrs. Read says that it happens to her all the time. Then asks him, "Did you jiggle the switch?". She jiggles the switch and then the game comes on. Mrs. Read asks Arthur why he didn't call her in the first place and says that he should always call her with his problems. Arthur says he thought she would be mad (he says, "I thought you would be mad!"). But Mrs. Read says she is disappointed; but not mad (as she says, "I am not mad. I am disappointed".). The computer turns out to be in fact not broken. Everything (including the screen, the mouse, and the keyboard) still work. Therefore, everything on the computer was now all good. Arthur asks if he is going to get punished. When he asks that, Mrs. Read says, "Of course. You did something you weren't supposed to do". Then D.W. tells Mrs. Read to make the punishment "really good". Mrs. Read (to D.W's comment about making the punishment good after D.W tells her it) tells Arthur that he is grounded from computer games for a whole week. She says, "No computer games for a week". Then she tells Arthur (though he accepts the "no computer games for a week" punishment as "fair") to go get ready for bed and then she should be up to say goodnight to both him and D.W in a few minutes. But instead of getting back to her work, she ends up trying the game out.

When Arthur and D.W. are already for bed, she decides to play Arthur's game; Deep Dark Sea. Arthur and D.W do as they are told. Then when they call Mom to tuck them in, Mom (who is now playing Arthur's game; Deep Dark Sea) says "In a minute. The sharks are attacking". D.W suggests that she and Arthur should tuck themselves in tonight; to which Arthur replies "Good idea".

Mom tells them she will be right up as soon as she blasts the skeletons from the treasure chest. But finally, Arthur and D.W (now they are in bed; as they've tucked themselves in) both say "Goodnight" to Mom.



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Arthur's Computer Adventure gamesEdit

  • Frankenfish
  • Toy-Copter
  • Deep Dark Sea
  • Treasure Hunt
  • D.W.'s Store

Elwood City Locations Edit

Quit Edit

  • "Are you sure you want to quit?
  • [clicking no; which is the octopus] "All right. Let's go back to my story".
  • [clicking yes; which is the ocean goldfish] "Okay. See you later".

Songs Edit


  • Arthur's Computer Adventure also known as "Arthur's Computer Disaster" is released in 2000 before the Little Critter's Just Me & My Mom PC CD-Rom Game was released in 2000.
  • You leave the book when Arthur says "Okay. See you later" (if "Yes" is chosen) but you might want to keep playing when he says "Alright, let's go back to my story" (if "No" is chosen). However, instead of the traditional kids for the "No" and "Yes", the "No" and "Yes" characters are the sea creatures (from Arthur's said game; "Deep Dark Sea"). The "No" option is the octopus while the "Yes" option is the ocean goldfish. Arthur says, "OK. See you later" (if the user clicks on "Yes"; which is the ocean goldfish). But he says "All right. Let's go back to my story" (if the user clicks on "No"; which is the octopus).
  • In the Options Menu screen, it has the pages, activities and the credits, but it doesn't have the Living Books Sampler, which however is included on the disc, but separate from the program. To date, this is the last game in the series overall to contain a Living Books sampler on the disc.
  • The Treasure Hunt mini-game is a remade version of the racing game in Arthur's Reading Race.
  • This game also comes with an adventure game called "Deep Dark Sea" (based on the game Arthur was playing on the computer in the story) and is the only Living Book to include such a thing.
  • Like Ruff's Bone, Green Eggs and Ham, and D.W. the Picky Eater this game's credits screen is completely original and uses music from the Deep Dark Sea mini-game.
  • This was the last Living Books game to have the "Read to me" function and also the last Living Books game given a "No" or "Yes" answers on the Quit button.
  • This is also the last Living Books game which a character ask you "Are you sure you want to quit?".
  • This game was, for some reason, not planned to be re-released by Wanderful, leaving it out of print and somewhat hard to find. Copies of the CD-Rom can still be found on some auction sites including eBay.

Quotes Edit

(Page 8)

Buster: (to Arthur) Arthur? Let's skip some stones before we leave.

Arthur: Okay. But just for a minute or two. I am worried about the computer.

(Arthur picks up a stone. But it is round. He throws it in the water and it does not work when he tries to skip it like the Brain's stones. Buster tries one too. But it is also round like Arthur's. The same thing happens for Buster's stone.)

The Brain: You need a flat stone!

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