Elwood City; Author and D.W. Read: Anthropomorphic Aardvark's: lives in the community of Elwood City; with

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Residential: Classmate's, Friend's, Neighbor's, Educators, Authority Figures, and his family. Looking at the perspective of each Companion and how they revolve around Author who is the main Character, each living their separate lives differently.

Dora Winifred "D.W" Read is the main deuteragonist and anti-heroine of the four Arthur Living Books PC games: Arthur's Teacher Trouble, Arthur's Birthday, Arthur's Reading Race and Arthur's Computer Adventure and the main protagonist of D.W. the Picky Eater. She is voiced by Kelly Greenley in Arthur's Teacher Trouble and Birthday and Elizabeth Telefus in Arthur's Reading Race, Arthur's Computer Adventure and D.W. the Picky Eater. She is the second of three children and has an older brother Arthur and a younger sister Kate. She is also one of the main deuratagonists who asks you if you want to quit (the other being The Tortoise).

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  • She loves pink as her favorite color especially her girlishness.
  • She doesn't like Mr. Ratburn teaching Kindergarten. In Arthur's Teacher Trouble however, at the end, it is revealed that Mr. Ratburn says it is the last year he's having third grade in the spellathon (and the last year he teaches grades 1-5). Because next year and onward, he looks forward into teaching a new challenge (which is teaching kindergarten). As a result, if D.W ever gets sorted in his class, she might get too much homework. Mr. Ratburn then tells D.W that he is going to see her next year (meaning that D.W is going to be in the Rat's class for kindergarten).
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