D.W. the Picky Eater


September 14, 1998


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Living Books - Titles-D.W. the Picky Eater.

D.W. the Picky Eater is the eighteenth Living Books CD-ROM based on the 1995 storybook written by Marc Brown, and the PC CD-Rom was released in September 14th, 1998.

Due to the lack of Broderbund's involvement and the low production values, it is not likely to be re-released by Wanderful.


D.W. is established as a picky eater, as the title states; she is unwilling to try anything, and when she does eat, she prefers it in very specific ways. Then, she tells herself that in more than anything else in the whole world, she hates spinach. First, on Thursday, there is Hawaiian shrimp for dinner. Then on Friday, when she is at Emily's house, where they are having spaghetti, she doesn't want any sauce. Her values go to far at one point. However, when the family goes out to dinner (which is on Saturday), she is served salad. And the salad has spinach in it. Her mother tells her to try it, and Arthur warns that she is going to have a tantrum. Then her father says, "Please try it". She refuses, and then screams out her hatred towards spinach by saying “I HATE SPINACH!”; causing the family to be embarrassed. Her mother says, "I'm so embarrassed!". Her father says, "No more restaurants for you!"; and grounds her from any future restaurant visits until she learns to eat what's placed in front of her. Then, from then on, until D.W learns to behave and eat what is placed in front of her, the family goes out to dinner without D.W. D.W is forced to be at home with Mrs.Cross. Mrs. Cross is a baby-sitter who is up-tight. She only allows carrot sticks for snack, and at exactly 8 o'clock, she forces D.W to go to bed when it is time. The next morning at breakfast time, she begins to wonder what she has been missing out on; especially once Arthur brings home a little umbrella from a Chinese restaurant. When there are plans to go out for Grandma Thora's birthday party, D.W. demands to lift the grounding; saying she wants to go, too. Her family does agree with it; but only under a certain condition. That is: "She must eat what's on the menu". She orders a dish called the Little Bo Peep Pot Pie, and to everyone's surprise, she loves it. D.W. then asks her mother if she could hardly make it at home. Her mother says she might need the recipe. D.W then asks the waiter how it's made once he comes back and clears D.W's dishes. And then finally, he shocks her when suddenly he says that it's just a pie pastry filled with lots and lots of spinach ("Very simple really! Just take some pie pastry and fill it with lots and lots of spinach!").


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  • Elly’s Dollhouse
  • Storybook Maker
  • Mole Squirting
  • Food Groups


  • This is the only Living Books game that has omitted "Read to Me" as an option.
  • This is the only Living Books game that also allows the player to skip out reading by clicking to skip.
  • Just like Ruff's Bone, Green Eggs and Ham, and Arthur's Computer Adventure, this game also has its own original credits (displaying a picture from one page of the book) and doesn't use any jazz credits animations.
  • As the only Living Book game that doesn't have the "Yes" or "No" buttons, it instead has the "Quit" or "Stay" buttons, and when you click on DW's door, it reads "Quit" or "Stay" instead "Yes" or "No". Instead of "Are you sure you want to quit?", she says "If you want to say goodbye, click Quit. If you want to keep playing, click Stay." and you leave the book when DW says "Goodbye".
  • This is the only Living Books game that doesn't use the Mohawk engine.
  • This is the last official Living Books game.

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