Harold Neel Donald "Harry D." Rabbit (born April 9) is the main protagonist, hero, host and narrator of Harry and the Haunted House and the TV series. He is the smartest and intelligent leader of the group because he has good leadership and lives in a purple house with his parents, grandparents, three sisters named Phoebe, Olivia and Mia and two brothers named Sam and Danny: his great-grandpa Howard Rabbit died of bronchopneumonia at the age of 95 the week after Harry and his friends were invited to Earl's Journey birthday party. He is also a guitarist of the band Journey Kids. One of Harry's siblings Olivia goes to Park Plaza Elementary School with him but in different classrooms but the rest of Harry's siblings goes to different schools. On his 8th birthday (April 9) in his first appearance in the series, he met and befriended his music star friend Billy Joel at his house who gave him a red baseball hat as a souvenir birthday gift which he still wears for good luck and also a new pet black spotted white puppy named Spot as a surprise who he still keeps as a pet. His neighbor, best friend and love-interest is the main deuteragonist Amy Fourpaws and his best friends as well are two main tritagonists Earl Earwax and Stinky Jones and a main tetratagonist and Stinky's love-interest Wendy Wong. He stands up against the evil school bully and main antagonist Chucky Barnes and beats him up for bullying other kids and is good friends with both the upcoming teacher and main co-tritagonist Mr. Conrad, Amy's grandmother Ellen Fourpaws, Earl's older brother Joey "The Hare" Earwax and Chucky's little sister Tracie Barnes. Harry plays dog tricks with Spot the day before National Pet Day. He always has good leadership because he is a protagonist, cute, friendly, loves riding scooters and is similar to Po from the Teletubbies, Elmo from Sesame Street and Big Bird from Sesame Street as he and Big Bird are both protagonists, he and Elmo love red and he and Po are friendly and love riding scooters however Po is a girl Teletubby and Harry is a boy rabbit. Sometimes, Harry doesn't look carefully enough he accidentally knocks someone down with his scooter. He is smart and does not like his other real middle name Donald being mentioned especially when he gets into trouble. When Harry gets upset, he shouts words like "Oh no!", "Uh-oh!", "Oh, crud!", "Aw, come on!" and "Oh, come on!". Harry loves scooter rides and walking Spot. He also keeps on eye on his friends's things while they do some errands. Harry and his friends appear in all seasons. He does not like cleaning his room all by himself according to season 1's episode 19 Uh-oh! What A Mess! so Joel has to help him clean his room with his song Look What I Can Do using teamwork.

Harry's favorite color is deep red, his favorite holidays are Christmas, Independence Day and Valentine's Day, his favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate, one of his favorite animals is elephants in which he loves, his favorite foods are spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce on his, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, pancakes, pepperoni pizza, kiwi and fast foods especially French fries with ketchup on his and cheeseburgers especially when he puts ketchup on his as well, his favorite drinks are soda especially diet soda and regular soda and lemonade and one of his favorite singers is Billy Joel who he met and befriended when he received a new puppy and he, Spot and Amy share a friendship with him. His first line was "Hi. I'm Harry. And guess what? Billy Joel gave me a new puppy. His name is Spot because he's white with a black spot. Are you ready to see my new puppy? Alright! Let's go!" Harry, Amy, Earl, Stinky, Spot and Billy as well as other music stars are all friends. Harry is allergic to peanuts, strawberries and dust and is a co-host alongside Joel of Harry's Beach Talent Show and Time To Get Up and Dance as well as a runner-up of the musical chairs. He is a good skateboarder like Earl and took his place in the skateboarding competition using his red skateboard after Earl broke his arm while skateboarding and could not skateboard. Harry and Spot also compete at National Pet Day and landed in the bottom two twice: one with Wendy and the other with Earl. He and Spot landed in the final two with Amy and her pets and won three prizes and the co-hosting with Joel in Journey Sing-Along, We're Dancing Now!, Harry's Beach Talent Show, Let's Get Ready For Wham Showtime!, Color and Animal Songs, The Animal Alphabet Songs, Counting On Baby Animal Friends, Get Up and Dance, We Can Do It!, Meet The Wongs and Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson! and were also on the cover National Pet Day with the words "Harry and Spot: The National Pet Day Winners To Co-Host With Billy in Harry's Beach Talent Show". He does not like when his friends break the rules especially the "No Chewing Gum In Class" rule. His eyes are blue-green and he and his family have a butterfly cookie jar which he likes. Harry got mad when his little sister Olivia accidentally broke off all the strings of his red guitar he adores and Mr. Conrad gave him and luckily she didn't mean it so he forgave her after his guitar was getting repaired at the repair shop. He is as well a big fan of Journey especially its leading vocals Steve Perry, his favorite Journey member and another one of his favorite singers, especially when they share the same favorite color and ice cream flavor: Red and chocolate and he, Spot, Earl and Amy share a friendship with him too and he thinks that Perry's also the best singer of all the band Journey and his yellow eighth note necklace is so cool. He once had his favorite red dog leash stolen but then he got it back after defeating Chucky. His favorite place is Park Plaza Park where he gets to perform concerts and compete at National Pet Day at the gazebo and Pinkie's where he likes to eat there, some of his favorite CDs are three Billy Joel CDs called Piano Man, Glass Houses and An Innocent Man which he still has in his house and his favorite Journey CDs are Departure (Journey), Escape (Journey), Frontiers (Journey) and Street Talk (Steve Perry the singer of Journey) which he also still has in his house. Harry loves cotton candy alongside Amy. He is a cute and friendly leader and loves trains and hates when they get derailed. His favorite type of birds are macaws and least favorite type of birds are vultures much to his annoyance. Harry's pet peeves are vultures, bees and bullies. He also hosts with Joel in The Most Extreme Animals episodes and one of his favorite episodes is The Most Extreme Animals: Gluttons. Harry picks chocolate over vanilla anytime. He also loves caterpillars and other bugs except spiders which scare him. Plus his favorite dance is Put Your Little Foot, Right There because he loves this one. One day before Earl's 8th Journey birthday party, Harry despite having also missed his great-grandpa's funeral due to Earl's Journey birthday received a phone call from his dad, his sister Olivia and music star friend Billy Joel that his great-grandpa passed away which was upsetting him. He can also hit the ball with his baseball bat at baseball. His favorite musical Broadway show is Trolls the Musical and his favorite trolls are Princess Poppy and Branch. He had also played the role of Mowgli the kind man-cub in the Broadway musical show The Jungle Book which was held in Park Plaza Zoo and co-starring Billy Joel who also played Baloo the kind and friendly bear and the new girl almost in 4th grade named Allison Johansson who played Kaa the cute but creepy Indian giant girl python after she apologized to him for not meaning to bully him while his little sister Olivia played the piano. According to season 2's part 2 episodes 5 and 6 No Cell Phones In Class, sometimes he texts and calls on his cell phone in class which gets him grounded for a week.

Harry is the smartest leader of the group and is very intelligent. He had good news which his new baby sister Mia was born because he was told by his younger sister Olivia and music star friend Billy Joel on the phone and had just gotten invited for Earl's Journey birthday party and also had bad news which he just missed out on his great-grandfather Howard's funeral due to Earl's 8th birthday party at Earl's Journey Concert at the stadium because he was told by his Dad, younger sister Olivia and music star friend Billy Joel on his phone that his great-grandpa died, his family members were attending his funeral without him and he could not go which he didn't mind. Sometimes Harry slams doors at Olivia which gets him grounded for a whole week with no video games for a whole week. Plus, his favorite costumes are his train engineer costume which he wears for the Locomotion act and other talent shows, his red short sleeved baseball uniform and shorts for baseball and battles, his red Peter Pan costume which he wears for Halloween and Peter Pan school plays and his prince costume for princess plays and alongside Wendy's, Earl's and Amy's, his favorite Journey member is Steve Perry especially he thinks that Perry's the best singer in all of Journey and just like Amy he loves his necklace so much too. He, Spot and Amy met and befriended a little green barnyard frog named Stanley who accidentally scared Earl away at first but befriended him as well accepting his apology for shooing him away. Harry's birthday is April 9 and his zodiac sign is Aries. He loves all things nice and sweet and traveling too and loves art especially he loves to draw and paint pictures with crayons, markers, paints and paintbrushes especially his favorite Jungle Book character Mowgli especially with red shorts riding red trains when he is very artistic. He also loves keeping secrets and surprises and birthday parties and loves animals especially elephants from Asia and of course loves anything and everything amazing and riding trains, enjoys doing karate and loves riding his scooter that Billy gave him while walking Spot while he puts his leash holder on the scooter handle so his dog won't get lost anymore and he puts his red and purple helmet on to protect his head and hat to keep safe. He has also rehearsed "The Bare Necessities" for The Jungle Book with Billy Joel and he played Mowgli while Joel played the voice of Baloo. Harry is a fan of Wham! especially George Michael and as he and his family and friends have lunch at Sunset Point, he made a new friend he never met before. He is also intelligent and can even lead the group due to his leadership and thinks trains are cool and they should not be derailed or blow up.

Family Life Edit

Harry lives in a purple house in Park Plaza, Massachusetts with his parents Ethan and Kathy, two paternal grandparents, two brothers Sam (14 years old) and Daniel "Danny" (7 years old), and three sisters Phoebe (10 years old), Olivia (4 years old) who he loves very much and Mia (newborn baby). He lives next-door to Amy's pink house and also has two pets: a puppy dog Spot and a kitten Rainbow. He always goes to bed with his stuffed elephant doll which he won at National Pet Day alongside co-hosting at Harry's Beach Talent Show and always carries it to bed. One of his sisters, Olivia, goes to his Park Plaza Elementary School with him and his friends but in a different classroom, but his brothers did not go there. His great-grandpa Howard Christian Rabbit died of bronchopneumonia aged 95 so many of Harry's family members attended his funeral. Harry missed his great-grandfather, but unfortunately, he also missed his funeral due to Earl's 8th birthday party. Just like Billy Joel Harry's father Ethan has a younger sister Judith "Judy" (Harry's paternal aunt) and a younger half-brother Alexander "Alex" (Harry's paternal uncle), but Harry's father also has an older brother Eddie Rabbit (voiced by himself credited as Eddie Rabbitt) who is a singer. A few days after Harry's baby sister Mia was born in the hospital he could not go due to vacation with his friends and Earl's brother and aunt, he came home and was still very happy seeing her the first time.

Family: Harry lives in a purple house with his parents, two brothers, three sisters, two paternal grandparents and two pets: a puppy dog Spot and a kitten named Rainbow, but his aunts and uncles are married and live in different houses with all of Harry's cousins and grandaunts and grand-uncles and maternal grandparents live in Houston, Texas. One of his sisters, Olivia, goes to his school with him but in a different classroom. His great-grandpa Howard died of bronchopneumonia aged 95 just the same week that Harry, Spot, Stinky and Amy were invited to Earl's 8th birthday party and before his 96th birthday. Two days later, many of Harry's family members attended Howard's funeral including Olivia, but he could not go due to Earl's 8th birthday party to go to. His paternal aunt is Judy (Ethan's younger sister) and paternal uncle is Alex (Ethan's older half-brother). He is Canadian-American: his mother Kathy was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and then moved away to Park Plaza, Massachusetts, United States and his father Ethan was born in Houston, Texas, United States and then moved away to Park Plaza, Massachusetts.


Name: Harry Neel Donald Rabbit

Gender: Male

Age: 8 years old (seasons 1 - 5), 9 years old (seasons 6 -13) and 10 years old (seasons 13 - 15)

Birthday: April 9

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Birthplace: Park Plaza, Massachusetts

Home: Purple house in Park Plaza, Massachusetts

Eyes: Blue-green

Parents: Katherine "Kathy" Doreen (nee: Smith) and Ethan Crispin Rabbit

Siblings: Sam and Daniel "Danny" Rabbit (2 brothers ages 14 and 7), Phoebe, Olivia and Mia Rabbit (3 sisters, ages 10, 4 and newborn)

Other Family: Great-Grandpa Howard Rabbit (died of bronchopneumonia aged 95 the same week as Earl's 8th birthday party, just a week before his 96th birthday. Harry misses him so much but could not go to his funeral due to Earl's 8th birthday party, although many of his family members attended his great-grandpa's funeral), Grandma Bea Rabbit (paternal grandmother), Grandpa Dave Rabbit (paternal grandfather), Aunt Judy Rabbit (paternal aunt and Ethan's younger sister), Uncle Alex Rabbit (paternal uncle and Ethan's younger half-brother), Eddie Rabbit (paternal uncle), Maternal Grandparents, Other Aunts, Other Uncles, Cousins

Favorite Catchphrases: "Hi, I'm Harry.", "Well, see you again soon. Bye!", "Good dog, Spot.", "Yeah, that's right.", "Come on, you guys, let's keep looking.", "Let's go!", "Of course not. No, not at all."

Weapons: Red fans

Favorite Color: Deep Red ❤

Favorite Food: Spaghetti and meatballs with sauce, Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes, Pancakes, Any Fast Food especially Burgers and Fries, Pizza with pepperoni, Fruit especially Kiwi

Favorite Pizza: Pepperoni

Favorite Fruit: Kiwi

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

Favorite Holiday: Christmas, Independence Day, Valentine's Day

Favorite Video Game: Mario series

National Pet Day Bottom Two Appearances: Twice (one with Wendy who placed 7th and the other with Earl who placed 3rd) He was spared two times

National Pet Day Place: Winner of the 32nd Annual National Pet Day show

Favorite Jungle Book Character: Mowgli (because he loves Mowgli because of his red cotton fabric loincloth)

Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "Piano Man", "The Perfect Fan", "Put Your Little Foot, Right There", "The Locomotion", "Oh, Sherrie" and "We Are The World"

Fears: He is not scared of anything except a zombie (dragging on one foot, but luckily it's just his imagination according to the Living Books computer game Harry and the Haunted House) and of course spiders which freak him out

Friends: Spot, his siblings, his parents, Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax, Stinky Jones, Wendy Wong, Joey Earwax, TJ Turtle, Claire Lizzard, Sammy Turtle, Mr. Conrad, Billy Joel, Steve Perry the singer of Journey, Steve's girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, Cyndi Lauper (after he got to know her), other music stars, Tracie Barnes, Ellen Fourpaws, Graham Dent, Katie and Cara Davids, Allison Johansson (after she apologizes to him for not meaning to bully him), George Michael (after getting to know him)

Enemies: Chucky Barnes, Claire Dainesmore, Margaret Olmstead, Bullies, Allison Johansson (before she apologizes to him because she accidentally bullies him)

Allergy: Peanuts, Strawberries, Dust

Favorite Musical Broadway Show: Trolls the Musical

Favorite Troll: Princess Poppy, Branch

Favorite Music Genre: Rock music, Pop music, Piano music, Disco Pop music, Pop-rock music

Favorite Singer: Billy Joel (who he met and befriended when he received a new puppy at his house and even shares a friendship with him alongside Amy), Steve Perry (who he met and befriended after accidentally knocking him down with his scooter and is his favorite of Journey and they both share their favorite color: red and ice cream flavor: chocolate and even shares a friendship with him along with Earl and Amy and thinks that Perry's also the best singer in all of the band Journey and that his necklace is so cool), Smash Mouth, Wham! (especially George Michael)

Favorite Art: Drawing and painting pictures with crayons, markers, paints and paintbrushes

Pet Peeves: Vultures, Bees and Bullies

Favorite Dance: "Put Your Little Foot, Right There"

Favorite Song: "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go", "Harry and Friends Are Here", "You Maybe Right", "It Doesn't Matter", "Don't Stop Believin'", "Put Your Little Foot, Right There", "Can't Stop The Feeling" and "Oh, Sherrie"

Favorite Music CDs: Piano Man (Billy Joel), Glass Houses (Billy Joel), An Innocent Man (Billy Joel), Departure (Journey), Escape (Journey), Frontiers (Journey) and Street Talk (Steve Perry the singer of Journey)

Likes: Spot, Billy Joel, Pancakes, Fast foods, Playing with Friends, Billy Joel's sunglasses, The color red, Winning (which makes him feel happy), His red baseball hat, Traveling, His red guitar, His butterfly cookie jar, All things nice and sweet, Winning, Art especially drawing and painting with crayons, markers, paints and paintbrushes, Steve Perry (because he's his favorite member of Journey and the best singer in all of Journey), His train engineer costume, Mr. Conrad, His red Billy Joel-type sunglasses especially when playing the piano, Keeping Secrets, Anything and everything amazing, Surprises, Birthday Parties, the songs "Piano Man", "Put Your Little Foot, Right There", "The Locomotion", "Can't Stop The Feeling", "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me", "Uptown Girl", "Do You Recall", "Oh, Sherrie", "A Dream Worth Keeping", "It Doesn't Matter" and "We Are The World", Playing the piano, Giraffes, Riding on the train, Walking his dog Spot, Riding his scooter, When his friends listen to him, Princesses, Princes, Ballet, Unicorns, Trains, Elephants especially Asiatic ones, Sherrie Swafford because she's in love with Perry, Butterflies, Steve Perry's necklace because it's so cool, Baby animals because they're so cute, Frogs, His favorite red dog leash, His favorite red scooter, His favorite red and purple marbled scooter helmet, Video games especially Mario games, Stanley the frog, Karate, Surfing, Riding on trains, Wham, The Trolls Princess Poppy and Branch, Mowgli the man-cub because he's his favorite Jungle Book character of all time, The elephant song "Oh You Beautiful Doll"

Dislikes: Chucky's threats, Phoebe forcing him what to do, Homework (unless it is easy and shorter), Bad Grades, Having Bad Dreams, Being scolded, Losing his red hat, Bergens (except Bridget who is sweet and kind), Losing his dog, Losing anything (which makes him upset, especially his favorite red hat), Having bad days, Peanuts, Strawberries, Dust, When his friends brag, Waiting (because it takes too long), Punishments, Getting bullied, Rain (because it's too wet to go out and play), When his friends ignore him, Bullies, When his friends don't follow the rules especially the "No Chewing Gum In Class" rule, Anything smelly and horrible, Chucky Barnes, Vultures because they're annoying, Smelly socks, Margaret Olmstead because she's a bully, When his little sister Olivia accidentally eats his chocolate without permission which makes him shocked at her, When Olivia accidentally breaks his favorite red Billy Joel-type sunglasses which makes him shocked at her, Being scared away, Very sad news, Cleaning the mess up all by himself, When Olivia accidentally breaks his guitar strings which makes him mad at her, Olivia accidentally messing up his things which makes him ashamed, shocked and upset, When trains get derailed and blow up, Being grounded

Talent Show Acts: "Piano Man" with Billy and Spot, "Put Your Little Foot, Right There" with Stinky, Steve, Earl, The Hare, Wendy, Olivia, Spot, Billy and Amy, "Locomotion" (by Kylie Minogue) as a lead singer, "Oh, Sherrie" with Steve, Spot, Wendy, Earl and Amy and "We Are The World" with all his friends

The Jungle Book Role: Mowgli the brave man-cub and main character

Pets: Spot (puppy dog that Billy Joel gave him), Rainbow (kitten)

Favorite Wild Animal: Giraffes, Peacocks, Tigers (because they are pretty), Whale Sharks, Seals, Parrots, Asiatic Elephants and other Elephants, Springboks, Panda Bears, Dolphins, Orca Whales, Platypuses, Wallabies, Porpoises, Manatees, Cheetahs, Baby Animals, Caterpillars

Similar Traits: Po from the Teletubbies (friendly, cute and loves the color red and riding a scooter except she's a girl), Elmo from Sesame Street (like the color red, also cute), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III from Dreamworks Dragons (also main protagonist and narrator), Astrid Hofferson from Dreamworks Dragons (love-interest), Big Bird from Sesame Street, Cody Maverick from Surf's Up (main protagonist), Mowgli (The Jungle Book) and Disney's Mickey Mouse (the main protagonist)

Songs From the Beach Talent Show Harry Recorded On His CDEdit

  • 1. Piano Man by Billy Joel, Spot and Harry D. Rabbit
  • 2. Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson and Stinky Jones
  • 3. The Perfect Fan by Amy Fourpaws
  • 4. Don't Stop Believing by Earl Earwax and Journey
  • 5. Put Your Little Foot, Right There by Harry D. Rabbit, Billy Joel, Amy Fourpaws, Spot, Olivia Rabbit, Steve Perry, Sherrie Swafford, Earl Earwax, Joey "The Hare" Earwax, Wendy Wong, Stinky Jones and Tracie Barnes
  • 6. The Locomotion by Harry D. Rabbit
  • 7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper and Amy Fourpaws
  • 8. Oh, Sherrie by Steve Perry, Amy Fourpaws, Harry D. Rabbit, Spot, Earl Earwax and Wendy Wong
  • 9. Twelve O'clock Rock by Stinky Jones
  • 10. We Are The World by Everyone Lead by Harry

Songs Sung In Journey Sing Along

  1. Who's Crying Now (track 1)
  2. Still They Ride (track 2)
  3. Faithfully (track 3)
  4. Loving, Touching, Squeezing (track 4)
  5. Any Way You Want It (track 5)
  6. Wheel In The Sky (track 6)
  7. Stone In Love (track 7)
  8. Achy Breaky Heart (track 8)
  9. God Bless The USA (track 9)
  10. Open Arm (track 10)

Songs Sung In Boppin With The Friendships Edit

  1. My Life (with Billy Joel) (track 1)
  2. Big Hugs Songs (track 2)
  3. I Knew I Loved You (track 3)
  4. Sticks and Stones (track 4)
  5. Put Your Little Foot, Right There (track 5)
  6. Can't Stop The Feeling (track 6)
  7. Let's Have A Race (track 7)
  8. Tell Her About It (track 8)
  9. One More Try (track 9)
  10. Oh You Beautiful Doll (track 10)
  11. Careless Whisper (track 11)
  12. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (track 12)
  13. Breathe (track 13)
  14. Get Back Up Again (track 14)
  15. One Song (track 15)

Songs Sung In Let's Get Ready For Showtime! Edit

Songs Sung In Baby Animal Songs, Numbers and Dances Edit

  1. 1 Baby Kangaroo
  2. 2 Animal Eyes
  3. 3 Bears
  4. 4 Legs of a Giraffe
  5. 5 Crocodiles
  6. 6 Birds
  7. 7 Animal Tails
  8. 8 Arms of an Octopus
  9. 9 Cats
  10. 10 Fingers of a Chimpanzee
  11. Time After Time
  12. Oh You Beautiful Doll
  13. Six Little Ducks
  14. 0 Animals
  15. Count On Your Animal Friends


  • Things for Good Luck: Red baseball hat
  • Usual Things: Red hooded vest with Mowgli the man-cub (The Jungle Book) picture on it and red short sleeved T-shirt and blue jeans and red sneakers
  • Costume: Train engineer costume (Red T-shirt, train hat and neck bandanna and blue overalls) (for the Beach Talent Show and other talent shows), red Peter Pan costume (for Peter Pan school plays), prince costume (for princess plays), red short sleeved baseball uniform and shorts (for baseball and battles), Mowgli the Man-Cub costume (for The Jungle Book the Musical and Halloween especially trick-or-treating)
  • Halloween Costume: Mowgli the Man-Cub (from The Jungle Book)
  • Birthday: Red hooded short sleeved T-shirt with a Mowgli the man-cub )The Jungle Book) picture, purple swirls and Asiatic elephant and sky blue athletic shorts with white clouds and red Billy Joel-type sunglasses
  • Things From Harry and The Haunted House: Blue jeans and Red baseball hat, but now his short sleeved T-shirt is just red all over. He had previously worn his red and white striped short sleeved T-shirt in the computer game Harry and the Haunted House.
  • Summer Things: Red hooded vest, red T-shirt and sky blue jeaned shorts and Red T-shirt with yellow stars and blue athletic shorts
  • Pajamas: Red pajama T-shirt and red pajama shorts
  • Wham! Clothes: Red hat, red Wham T-shirt, red hooded vest, light sky blue shorts, red socks and white shoes

Harry's Beach Talent Show ActsEdit

  • 1. "Piano Man (Billy Joel and Harry D. Rabbit)" (with Billy and Spot and wearing his red Billy Joel-type sunglasses and his normal red baseball hat and his red hooded short sleeved T-shirt with purple swirls and elephant and normal sky blue shorts with clouds while hosting Act 1: "Piano Man")
  • 3. " The Perfect Fan" (alongside Billy singing the final chorus with Amy and doing a Pau De Deux ballet with Amy and wearing his normal red baseball hat and changing into his normal red hooded short sleeved T-shirt and normal sky blue jeaned shorts while hosting Act 2: "Man In The Mirror" and Act 3: "The Perfect Fan (Ballet)")
  • 5. "Put Your Little Foot, Right There" (with Billy, Amy, Spot, Olivia, Stinky, The Hare, Sherrie, Earl and Steve and wearing his normal red baseball hat, normal red hooded short sleeved T-shirt and normal sky blue jeaned shorts while hosting Act 4: "Strung Out"

and Act 5: "Put Your Little Foot, Right There")

  • 6. "The Locomotion" (as a lead singer and dancer and changing into his train engineer outfit so Billy hosts Act 6: "The Locomotion")
  • 8. "Oh, Sherrie" (with Steve, Spot, Earl and Amy because Steve's girlfriend Sherrie is coming onstage and Harry changes back into his normal red baseball hat, normal red hooded short sleeved T-shirt and normal sky blue jeaned shorts while hosting for Act 7: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", Act 8: "Oh, Sherrie" and Act 9: "Twelve o'clock Rock")
  • 10. " We Are The World" (with everybody wearing his normal red baseball hat, putting back on his red Billy Joel-type sunglasses for the second and final act and changing into his red hooded short sleeved T-shirt with purple swirls and elephant and sky blue jeaned shorts with clouds while hosting Act 10: "We Are The World")

Broadway Musical Show Role: Edit

Mowgli (The Jungle Book) - He was very excited and happy about it


Season 1:

Season 2:

  • 1. "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" (The Baseball Team)
  • 2. "Let's Get Together" (The Baseball Team)
  • 3. "The Alley Cat" (The Cat On The Driveway)
  • 4. "The Cooking By The Book" (Allison's Birthday Disaster)
  • 5. "One More Try"
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. "Firefighters Keep The World Safe" (Don't Smoke, It's Not Legal)
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.

Season 3:

Season 4:

Season 5:

Season 6:

Season 7:

Season 8:

Season 9:

Season 10:

Season 11:

Season 12:

Season 13:

Season 14:

Season 15:


Harry D. Rabbit's quotes


Voice Actors Edit

  • b: October 28, 1983 Gus Menary-Weinfield (PC Game) (1994) Age 10 (almost 11)
  • b: April 9, 1982 Jay Baruchel (Seasons 1's first episode The New Puppy - 2's last episode The One That Got Carried Away) (March 24, 1995 - March 28, 1997) Ages 12-14
  • b: June 11, 1986 Shia LaBeouf (talking only, Seasons 3's first episode Never Gonna Give You Up - 5's last episode Traveling Through Time) (January 30, 1998-November 10, 2000) Ages 11-14
  • b: July 24, 1986 Timmy Williams (singing only, Season 3's first episode Never Gonna Give You Up - 5's last episode Traveling Through Time) (January 30, 1998 - November 10, 2000) Ages 11-14
  • b: April 10, 1988 Haley Joel Osment (Seasons 6's first episode Working Together - 7's last episode The Night Of The Mummy) (February 23, 2001- October 25, 2002) Ages 12-14
  • B: November 29, 1991 Michael Peyton (Seasons 8's first episode Paris, France - 11's last episode Around The World) (February 21, 2003-September 1, 2006) Ages 11-14
  • b: November 30, 1993 Cody Arens (Seasons 12's first episode Harry Meets Sum 41 Part 1 -13's last episode Sticking Together) (March 16, 2007- September 19, 2008) Ages 13-14
  • b: February 15, 1998 Zachary Gordon (Seasons 14's first episode Ups and Downs - 15's last episode Harry and Friends Forever) (April 3, 2009- October 15, 2010) Ages 11-12

Season 1 Episode Appearances (24 episodes, 1995, first season) Edit

  1. Harry and The New Puppy (Season 1, March 24, 1995)
  2. Amy Fourpaws the Dog sitter (Season 1, March 31, 1995)
  3. The Barnyard Bully (Season 1, April 7, 1995)
  4. The Shiest Boy Around (Season 1, April 14, 1995)
  5. Welcome Home, Pinkie Pie Fourpaws (Season 1, April 21, 1995)
  6. The Death of Mochi Fourpaws (Season 1, April 28, 1995)
  7. Skateboarding Competition (Season 1, May 12, 1995)
  8. Amy's Birthday Surprise (Season 1, May 26, 1995)
  9. Guitar Accident (Season 1, June 9, 1995)
  10. Secret Society (Season 1, June 23, 1995)
  11. Harry and Friends Movie: Journey Birthday Boy (Season 1, July 14, 1995, TV movie)
  12. The Sleepover Party (Season 1, July 21, 1995)
  13. Park Plaza Zoo (Season 1, July 28, 1995, TV movie)
  14. Harry and Friends Form A Band (Season 1, August 4, 1995)
  15. National Pet Day (Season 1, August 4, 1995)
  16. Daytona 500 Greatest Hits (Season 1, August 11, 1995)
  17. Harry and Friends Movie: Trolls The Musical (Season 1, August 18, 1995, TV movie)
  18. Harry and Friends Movie: Let's Get Ready For Wham!'s Make It Big Showtime! (Season 1, August 25, 1995, TV movie)
  19. Our New Teacher Mr Conrad (Season 1, September 8, 1995)
  20. Uh-oh! What A Mess! (Season 1, September 29, 1995)
  21. Harry and the Haunted House, Part 1 (Season 1, October 27, 1995, Halloween special)
  22. Harry and the Haunted House, Part 2 (Season 1, October 27, 1995, Halloween special)
  23. Olivia the Picky Eater (Season 1, November 17, 1995)
  24. Harry and Friends Movie: Merry Christmas, Harry and Friends (Season 1, December 15, 1995, TV movie, Christmas special, season finale)

Season 2 Episode Appearances (16 episodes, 1996-1997) Edit

  1. The Baseball Team (Season 2, April 5, 1996)
  2. The Cat On The Driveway (Season 2, April 19, 1996)
  3. Stinky's Birthday Disaster (Season 2, May 3, 1996)
  4. Petting Zoo (Season 2, May 24, 1996)
  5. No Cell Phones In Class! Part 1 (Season 2, June 28, 1996)
  6. No Cell Phones In Class! Part 2 (Season 2, July 26, 1996)
  7. Together Again (Season 2, September 27, 1996)
  8. Nightmare Harry! (Season 2, October 25, 1996, Halloween special)
  9. Snow Day! (Season 2, December 6, 1996, Winter special, Christmas special)
  10. The Park Plaza Circus (Season 2, January 24, 1997)
  11. The Earwax Brothers Feud (Season 2, January 31, 1997)
  12. Don't Smoke, It's Not Legal (Season 2, February 21, 1997)
  13. Stinky Gets the Gimmes (Season 2, February 28, 1997)
  14. How To Train Your Dragon (Season 2, March 7, 1997, TV movie)
  15. The School Talent Show (Season 2, March 21, 1997)
  16. The One That Got Carried Away (Season 2, March 28, 1997, season finale)

Season 3 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 1998) Edit

  1. Never Gonna Give You Up (Season 3, January 30, 1998)
  2. Are We Happy Now? (Season 3, February 13, 1998)
  3. Detective Spot On The Case (Season 3, February 27, 1998)
  4. Harry On The Run! (Season 3, March 27, 1998)
  5. Tuesday Morning (Season 3, April 3, 1998)
  6. Empty Handed (Season 3, April 24, 1998)
  7. The Golden Temple Part 1 (Season 3, May 1, 1998)
  8. The Golden Temple Part 2 (Season 3, May 8, 1998)
  9. Harry and the Cast (Season 3, May 29, 1998)
  10. Everybody Works Together (Season 3, June 12, 1998)
  11. The Golem (Season 3, June 26, 1998)
  12. Something Fishy (Season 3, July 3, 1998)
  13. Earl's Go-Kart Race (Season 3, July 24, 1998)
  14. The Hardest Day (Season 3, July 31, 1998)
  15. Something Wrong (Season 3, August 7, 1998)
  16. The World Goes Round (Season 3, September 18, 1998)
  17. The Coral Reefs (Season 3, October 2, 1998)
  18. Trick Or Treat! (Season 3, October 30, 1998, Halloween special)
  19. Happy Thanksgiving (Season 3, November 20, 1998, Thanksgiving special)
  20. Family Fun (Season 3, December 18, 1998, season finale)

Season 4 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 1999) Edit

  1. Wendy's Back! (Season 4, March 26, 1999)
  2. Boy In The Painting (Season 4, April 2, 1999)
  3. Spot and the Seance (Season 4, April 9, 1999)
  4. The Science Experience (Season 4, May 7, 1999)
  5. Surf's Up! (Season 4, May 28, 1999)
  6. The Brave Explorer (Season 4, June 11, 1999)
  7. Stinky's Lost Ball (Season 4, June 25, 1999)
  8. Can You Keep A Secret? (Season 4, July 9, 1999)
  9. We Can Do It (Season 4, July 23, 1999)
  10. We Can Dance (Season 4, July 30, 1999)
  11. The Mad Cotillion (Season 4, August 13, 1999)
  12. The Search For The Red Orchid, Part 1 (Season 4, August 20, 1999)
  13. The Search For The Red Orchid, Part 2 (Season 4, August 27, 1999)
  14. Craving For Saving (Season 4, September 10, 1999)
  15. Funny Day (Season 4, September 24, 1999)
  16. A Weird Game (Season 4, October 1, 1999)
  17. The Secret Of The Lost Tomb (Season 4, October 15, 1999)
  18. Meet Savage Garden (Season 4, November 5, 1999)
  19. Wild, Wild West (Season 4, November 12, 1999)
  20. Let's Go! (Season 4, November 19, 1999, season finale)

Season 5 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2000) Edit

  1. Meet TLC (Season 5, January 28, 2000)
  2. Valentine's Day (Season 5, February 11, 2000)
  3. No Talking During The Movie (Season 5, February 25, 2000)
  4. The Secret World Of Boys and Girls (Season 5, March 10, 2000)
  5. Amy In Wonderland (Season 5, March 24, 2000)
  6. Harry Through the Looking Glass (Season 5, April 7, 2000)
  7. Earl Breaks the Rules (Season 5, April 28, 2000)
  8. Olivia and the Wizard of Oz (Season 5, May 26. 2000, TV movie)
  9. Amy Feeling Sick (Season 5, June 9, 2000)
  10. Have Rocket Will Travel, Part 1 (Season 5, June 23, 2000)
  11. Have Rocket Will Travel, Part 2 (Season 5, June 30, 2000)
  12. Harry and the Hidden Secrets (Season 5, July 7, 2000)
  13. The Wheels Go Round (Season 5, July 14, 2000)
  14. Harry and Friends Movie: I'll Be The One (Season 5, July 28, 2000, TV movie)
  15. Harry and the Cast (Season 5, August 4, 2000)
  16. Stinky Goes For The Gold (Season 5, August 25, 2000)
  17. A Shadow On The Wall (Season 5, September 15, 2000)
  18. Knocked Out! (Season 5, September 29, 2000)
  19. Harry and the Haunting Hour (Season 5, October 27, 2000)
  20. Traveling Through Time (Season 5, November 10, 2000, season finale)

Season 6 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2001) Edit

  1. Working Together (Season 6, February 23, 2001)
  2. Molly Gets Grounded (Season 6, March 9, 2001)
  3. Lost In Space, Part 1 (Season 6, March 23, 2001)
  4. Lost In Space, Part 2 (Season 6, March 30, 2001)
  5. Stinky Follows The Rules (Season 6, April 6, 2001)
  6. Harry and Friends Movie: Who Let The Dogs Out? (Season 6, April 13, 2001)
  7. Harry In The Mad Art Craze (Season 6, April 27, 2001)
  8. Danny In The Hospital (Season 6, May 11, 2001)
  9. Dancing In The Street (Season 6, May 25, 2001)
  10. Look What I Can Do!, Part 1 (Season 6, June 8, 2001)
  11. Look What I Can Do!, Part 2 (Season 6, June 15, 2001)
  12. All Those Children (Season 6, June 29, 2001)
  13. Across the Universe (Season 6, July 13, 2001)
  14. Everything Sees and Does (Season 6, July 27, 2001)
  15. Going Places (Season 6, August 17, 2001)
  16. Jeepers Creepers (Season 6, August 24, 2001)
  17. A You're Adorable (Season 6, September 7, 2001)
  18. Chucky Goes To Detention (Season 6, September 28, 2001)
  19. The Spirit Room (Season 6, October 26, 2001)
  20. After All These Years (Season 6, November 2, 2001, season finale)

Season 7 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2002) Edit

  1. Harry and Friends: Last Day Of Third Grade (Season 7, March 22, 2002, TV movie)
  2. The New Neighbors (Season 7, March 29, 2002)
  3. Showing Becky Around (Season 7, April 5, 2002)
  4. Gone, Earl, Gone (Season 7, April 12, 2002)
  5. I Know I Love You (Season 7, April 19, 2002)
  6. I Know What You'll Do This Summer (Season 7, April 26, 2002)
  7. The Library (Season 7, May 24, 2002)
  8. All Things That Move (Season 7, June 28, 2002)
  9. Happy 4th of July (Season 7, July 5, 2002)
  10. Rushed Out (Season 7, July 19, 2002)
  11. Strike Out (Season 7, July 26, 2002)
  12. Having 10s of Fun (Season 7. August 2, 2002)
  13. Meet Smash Mouth (Season 7, August 9, 2002)
  14. Lost! (Season 7, August 16, 2002)
  15. The Flight Club (Season 7, August 23, 2002)
  16. When Lighting Strikes (Season 7, August 30, 2002)
  17. An Unlucky Day (Season 7, September 13, 2002)
  18. Olivia's Lemonade Stand (Season 7, September 27, 2002)
  19. Have A Cow (Season 7, October 11, 2002)
  20. Night Of The Mummy (Season 7, October 25, 2002, Halloween special, season finale)

Season 8 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2003) Edit

  1. Paris, France (Season 8, February 21, 2003)
  2. Italy (Season 8, March 7, 2003)
  3. Japan (Season 8, March 21, 2003)
  4. Cape Town, South Africa (Season 8, March 28, 2003)
  5. London, England (Season 8, April 4, 2003)
  6. Thailand (Season 8, April 18, 2003)
  7. Spain (Season 8, May 23, 2003)
  8. Australia (Season 8, June 27, 2003)
  9. China (Season 8, July 11, 2003)
  10. Amsterdam (Season 8, July 25, 2003)
  11. Brazil (Season 8, August 8, 2003)
  12. New Zealand (Season 8, August 29, 2003)
  13. Germany (Season 8, September 5, 2003)
  14. Russia (Season 8, September 19, 2003)
  15. Kenya, Africa (Season 8, September 26, 2003)
  16. Canada (Season 8, October 10, 2003)
  17. Mexico (Season 8, October 24, 2003)
  18. Norway (Season 8, November 7, 2003)
  19. Egypt (Season 8, November 21, 2003)
  20. Hawaii Vacation Movie (Season 8, December 12, 2003, episode movie, TV movie, season finale)

Season 9 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2004) Edit

Season 10 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2005, 10th Anniversary) Edit

Season 11 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2006) Edit

Season 12 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2007) Edit

Season 13 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2008) Edit

Season 14 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2009) Edit

Season 15 Episode Appearances (20 episodes, 2010, final season) Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Harry's original voice actor from seasons 1 and 2 Jay Baruchel is also the voice of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III in the Dreamworks Dragons franchise.
  • Jay Baruchel replaced Gus Menary-Weinfield after the PC game which came out October 24, 1994 and Baruchel was auditioning for the role of Harry, in early 1994. He attended daily recordings for the first two seasons of the show until his voice reached puberty in 1997, when he left after Season 2 and was replaced by Shia Labeouf for talking only and Timmy Williams for singing only and LaBeouf and Williams for Season 3. LaBeouf sounded similar to Baruchel, but sounded more raspier, less mature, and didn't reach the original voice actor's pitch until LaBeouf's voice was reaching puberty as he left after Season 5 to continue Even Stevens. Haley Joel Osment's career started as the third voice for Harry, but his voice quickly deepened in late 2001 and for most of Season 7 and was replaced with Michael Peyton for Season 8. Peyton arguably has the best voice due to the fact that he is the singer of the bunch, which gave Harry's voice a little more range. Even as a 13 and 14 year-old, he could still voice Harry, but left the show to focus on other things. His understudy, Cody Arens started his voice acting for Harry in 2007 until 2008, then came National Treasure 2's and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid's Zachary Gordon from 2009 till the show's end in 2010 before the show was cancelled.
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