Once upon a time, there was a bird who always wore a red cape so everyone called him Little Red Riding Bird. One day, Little Red Riding Bird merrily skipped through the forest. "I can't wait to give Grandma Bird this delicious basket full of goodies!" Little Red Riding Bird said.

Little Red Riding Bird was very careful to advoid wicked wolves, tricky foxes, and other ill-behaved creatures. Little did he know that the trickiest creature of all awaited him at Grandmother Bird's house.

When Little Red Riding Bird got to Grandmother Bird's house, he was surprised to find Grandma in bed wearing her bonet with the blankets and sheets pulled up close to her chin.

"Why Granny", Little Red Riding Bird said, "What grouchy eyes you have! All the better to stare at you with my dear", Granny said.

"And Granny, what funny eyebrows you have! Little Red Riding Bird said, "All the better to frown and make funny faces with my dear."

"And Granny, what a grumpy voice you have!" Little Red Riding Bird said. "All the better to argue and complain with my dear. And besides, what's wrong with my voice."

But before Little Red Riding Bird could answer, the grouch who would been pretending he was Granny Bird all alone lept up and grabbed Little Red Riding Bird's basket of goodies.

Then just as suddenly, the real Granny Bird appeared. She had been outside picking birdberries the whole time. The grouch and Grandma Bird both grabbed the basket of goodies as Little Red Riding Bird looked on. "Those goodies are mine!" The grouch said. Who would get the basket of goodies?

Finally, with one big tub, the grouch pulled the basket away from Grandma. In a flash, the grouch threw up the basket. He was shocked to find chocolate cookies, gingerbread cake, a whole bag full of strawberries and in fact, every wonderful sweet tasty treat a grandma could ever want. "Yuck! It's just a bunch of icky sweet stuff!" The grouch said in disgust. "Get that stuff away from me, or I'm gonna be sick!" And in a second, he was gone.

"Let him find his own basket of goodies", Little Red Riding Bird sniffed. And with the grouch gone, Little Red Riding Bird sat down with Granny Bird and they had a wonderful lunch.