Princess Poppy is a 17-year-old girl troll and the main protagonist of the Harry and Friends 17th episode and 2nd TV movie Trolls the Musical and the Trolls the Musical. She is played by Amy Fourpaws, the younger sister of Molly and older half sister of Jenny and the only 17-year-old adolescent in the cast. Poppy is the upbeat and slightly naive princess adolescent troll and the leader of the trolls whose father King Peppy saved everyone from the Troll-Hungry Bergens. With Branch by her side, she is befriended by Bridget the kind and friendly Bergen and helped to save the other trolls from other Bergens.

Family Edit

Princess Poppy lives in Troll Village with her father King Peppy, baby half sister Princess Pia, and grandmother Grandma Twinky. Sadly her mother Queen Winky and her twin sister Princess Tippy died of drowning in a flood in which she survived two weeks after Pia was born.

Appearance Edit

Princess Poppy is a pink adolescent troll (pink face faint, pink nail polish, pink leggings and pink socks) with long curly pink hair with bangs and a half ponytail with a pink bow and stuck straight up into a troll hair, blue eyes and sparkly freckles. She wears a light purple dress with pink flowers and hearts on it, a pink friendship wrist-let and around her neck is a purple heart locket necklace. She also wears a sky blue flowered head band. The rest of her hair is down and her half-ponytail is up into a troll hair and of course she uses her half-ponytail as a weapon, stairs and others.

Songs That Poppy Sings Edit

  1. "Everybody Move Your Hair"
  2. "Get Back Up Again"
  3. "Sound Of Silence"
  4. "She's Coming Out"
  5. "True Colors"
  6. "Can't Stop The Feeling"
  7. "September"

Best Friends: The Snack Pack and A Few Friendly Bergens Edit

  1. Branch the Survivalist Troll
  2. Biggie the Big Troll
  3. Guy Diamond the Glitter Troll
  4. Creek the Purple Troll (formerly)
  5. DJ Suki the DJ Troll
  6. Bridget the Big Friendly Bergen
  7. Satin and Chenille the Twin Trolls
  8. Aspen Heitz the Heights Loving Troll
  9. Cooper the Giraffe-Like Troll
  10. Moxie the Sparkle Troll
  11. Mandy the Shopper Troll
  12. Mr. Dinkles the pet worm of Biggie's
  13. Fuzzbert the Fuzzy Troll
  14. Smidge the Toddler Troll
  15. All Other Trolls
  16. Prince Gristle Jr. the Prince Bergen (currently)
  17. Bridget the King Bergen's Scullery maid (currently)
  18. All Other Bergens (currently)

Romance Love Interests Edit

  • Branch the Survivalist Troll
  • Creek the Purple Troll (currently)

Enemies: All Other Bergens AND/OR TROLLS Edit

  1. Chef the Evil Chef Bergen
  2. King Gristle Sr. the King of All Bergens,
  3. Creek the Purple Troll (currently)
  4. Prince Gristle the Prince Bergen (formerly)
  5. Bridget the King Bergen's Scullery maid (formerly)
  6. All Other Bergens (formerly)