Samantha Jane Andrea "Sammy" Turtle is Earl Earwax's love-interest and The Tortoise's younger sister. She made her first appearance in Harry and Friends Form A Band. She made her last appearance in season 14 episode 19 Sammy's Funeral where she died of drowning in the creek while swinging on the rope for too long so it broke and her corpse seen in the rest of the episode as well as her coffin and grave which is the first female death in the series. She is a tomboy and her birthday is February 23rd and her zodiac sign is Pisces and her eyes are light brown. Her favorite colors are blue and yellow and her favorite food is Mexican food. Sammy is seen in blue overalls and a sky blue T-shirt due to her tomboyish type and a yellow and pink dress. She has a frog cookie jar and her favorite costume is a reporter costume which includes a long dark brown wig in a ponytail, news reporter jacket and gold and silver jewelry). She lives with her older brother, mom, grandma and grandpa and her dad died when she was just a baby two months after she was born. She missed competing on the 32nd Annual National Pet Day due to her broken ankle and had to sit in the audience due to her ankle in a cast.

Birthday: February 23

Died: March 23 (aged 10)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Status: Deceased aged 10 a month after her 10th birthday (as of The Beat down Tragedy as well as Sammy's Funeral)

Voice Actress (before her death): Danielle Harris (Seasons 1-2, speaking only), Thora Birch (Seasons 1-9, singing only), Michelle Trachtenberg (Seasons 3-9, speaking only), Anna Sophia Robb (Seasons 10-13, speaking only), Kristen Kerblunde (Seasons 10-13, singing only)

Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "Twelve o'clock Clock"

Favorite Troll: Branch

Harry's Beach Talent Show ActsEdit

  • 4. " Strung Out" (as a backup singer and dancer as seen in her yellow Mexican dress and long dark brown wig in a ponytail)
  • 6. "The Locomotion" (as a backup dancer and singer as seen in her normal T-shirt and overalls)
  • 7. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (with Cyndi Lauper, Amy Fourpaws and all the other girls seen in her yellow dress again)
  • 8. "Oh, Sherrie (as a news reporter with long dark brown wig in a ponytail for the second act, red news reporter jacket, normal T-shirt and normal overalls)
  • 9. "Twelve O'clock Rock (backup tap dancer as seen in her long dark brown wig in a ponytail for the third act and normal T-shirt and overalls)
  • 10. "We Are The World (Everybody lead by Harry)" (with everyone led by Harry D. Rabbit as seen in her long dark brown wig in a ponytail for the fourth and final act and normal T-shirt and overalls)


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Harry and Friends Form A Band (Season 1, Episode 14, August 4, 1995)

The Tortoise's Little Sister