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Sheila Rae, the Brave


April 15, 1996


Sheila Rae, Louise Rae, Wendell, Sheila Rae's Mother, Sheila Rae's Father, Capone


English, Spanish, Japanese.




Dr. Seuss's ABC


The Berenstain Bears in the Dark

Sheila Rae, the Brave is the 11th Living Books game based on the 1987 book by Kevin Henkes & this PC Rom was released in 1996.


Sheila Rae is established as daring & willing to do anything. At breakfast, Sheila Rae (after finding a house spider) says, "I love spiders" to her little sister Louise. Louise says to Sheila Rae that if she loves spiders, she should kiss it. Sheila Rae does kiss the spider. Then Louise says, "She did it!". She also isn't afraid of the dark, thunderstorms, spiders, nor the mean black dog named Capone at the end of her block. When Capone has gotten Louise's teddy bear, after the user clicks on the next page, Sheila Rae says to Capone, "THIS IS LOUISE'S TEDDY; NOT YOURS!". After she successfully grabs it (but the bear is unbroken since it was a close call), the dog tries to grab it again. But Sheila Rae successfully holds it far away & laughs at him (taunting him that he missed it). Louise says, "Whew!".

Sheila Rae pretends that the cherries in her fruit cocktail at dinner are dead bear eyes, giggles when the principal walks by at school, & takes care of Wendell when he steals her jump rope by tying him up. One day, she gets overly confident, & decides to go home a different way than usual. Her li'l sister, Louise, rejects that idea, but Sheila Rae chooses to go anyway, while Louise secretly follows her. After Sheila Rae travels for a while, she gets entirely lost, & never recognize anything around her. She gets terrified of noises in the woods, & begins to feel very upset and starts to cry for help. After finally calling for her parents & her sister, Louise finally decides to show up & comfort her. She leads Sheila Rae back home, doing things Sheila Rae did on the way. After reaching home, Sheila Rae declares Louise to be brave & fearless. However, Louise declares that she & Sheila Rae are both brave and fearless. & they both walk backwards in the door with their eyes closed.


  1. Sheila Rae
  2. Louise
  3. Wendell
  4. Sheila Rae's Mother
  5. Sheila Rae's Father
  6. Capone
  7. Cat Rapper


American Dub[]

  1. Narrator: Gina Leishman
  2. Sheila Rae: Mamie Rheingold
  3. Louise: Laura Deering
  4. Marcus Badgley


Sheila Rae: I love spiders!

Louise: Well if you love it than kiss it.

Sheila Rae: Okay. (Sheila Rae kisses the spider)

Louise: She did it.


  1. 1 Sheila Rae loves spiders & kisses one (and it almost bites her on the lips), she watches a lightning storm, tackles the dog for the teddy bear.
  2. 2 Sheila Rae teases Louise at the dinner table about dead bear eyes.
  3. 3 Sheila Rae laughs at the Principal, she also tackles Wendell the bully & ties him up to a fence.
  4. 4 Sheila Rae is a daredevil and a showoff to the crowd as she does tricks on her bike.
  5. 5 Sheila Rae decides to walk a new way home.
  6. 6 Sheila Rae plays on the tree.
  7. 7 Sheila Rae gets lost in the forest.
  8. 8 Sheila Rae gets
  9. 9
  10. 10 Sheila Rae follows Louise home.
  11. 11 Sheila Rae watches Louise play on the tree.
  12. 12 Sheila Rae & Louise arrive home.


  1. The Map Game


  1. Just Grandma and Me
  2. The Tortoise & the Hare
  3. Little Monster at School
  4. Arthur's Birthday
  5. Harry & the Haunted House
  6. The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight
  7. Dr. Seuss' ABC


  1. Sheila Rae's House
  2. Sheila Rae's Elementary School
  3. The Park


  1. Sheila Rae, the Brave Theme Song
  2. I Am Fearless
  3. Life's A Dog
  4. Dead Bear Eyes
  5. All Tied Up
  6. Daddy-O, Cool Cat
  7. All Alone
  8. Happy Ever After Time


Sheila Rae wasn't afraid of anything.

She wasn't afraid of the dark.

She wasn't afraid of thunder & lightning.

& she wasn't afraid of the big black dog at the end of the block.

At dinner, Sheila Rae made believe that the cherries in her fruit cocktail were the eyes of dead bears, & she ate 5 of them.

At school, Sheila Rae giggled when the principal walked by.

& when her classmate Wendell stole her jump rope during recess, Sheila Rae tied him up until the bell rang. "I am very brave," Sheila Rae said, patting herself on the back.

Sheila Rae stepped on every crack in the sidewalk without fear.

When her sister, Louise, said there was a monster in the closet, Sheila Rae attacked it.

And she rode her bicycle no-handed with her eyes closed. "Yea! Yea! Sheila Rae!" her friends yelled, clapping their hands.

One day, Sheila Rae decided to walk home a new way. Louise was afraid to. "You're too brave for me," Louise said.

"You're always such a scaredy-cat," Sheila Rae called. "Am not," whispered Louise.

Sheila Rae started off, skipping. "I am brave," she sang. "I am fearless."

She stepped on every crack.

She walked backwards with her eyes closed.

She growled at stray dogs, & bared her teeth at stray cats.

& she pretended that the trees were evil creatures. She climbed up them and broke their fingers off. Snap, snap, snap.

Sheila Rae walked and walked.

She turned corners.

She crossed streets.

It suddenly occurred to Sheila Rae that nothing looked familiar.

Sheila Rae heard frightening noises. They sounded worse than thunder.

She thought horrible thoughts. They were worse than anything she had ever imagined. "I am brave," Sheila Rae tried to covince herself. "I am fearless."

The sounds became more frightening. The thoughts became more horrible. Sheila Rae sat down on a rock and cried. "Help," she sniffed.

She thought of her mother & her father & Louise. "Mother! Father! Louise!" she cried.

"Here I am," a voice said.

"Louise!" Sheila Rae hugged her sister. "We're lost," Sheila Rae said. "No, we're not," said Louise. "I know the way home. Follow me!"

Louise stepped on every crack.

She walked backwards with her eyes closed.

She growled at stray dogs, and bared her teeth at stray cats.

& she pretended that the trees were evil creatures. She jumped up and broke their fingers off. Snap, snap, snap. Sheila Rae walked quietly behind her.

They walked and walked.

They crossed streets.

They turned corners.

Soon their house could be seen between the trees. Sheila Rae grabbed Louise & dashed up the street.

When they reached their own yard & the gate was closed behind them, Sheila Rae said, "Louise, you are brave. You are fearless."

"We both are," said Louise. & they walked backwards into the house with their eyes closed.


  • This is the second title of the Mouse Books series (by Kevin Henkes), preceded by A Weekend with Wendell & followed by Chester's Way. However, of all books in the Mouse Books series (the original series), only this book here was adapted into a Living Books CD rom.
  • The other two Mouse Books stories Sheila Rae starred in were Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick and A Box of Treats.
  • This is the last Living Book to use a 512x384 resolution, & is the first game onward (& only 512x384 title) to have an upgraded engine that allows the animation immediately jump to the current frame in normal framerate when the program buffers. Originally, previous games would speed up the animation framerate at 2x when this happens (except on the Macintosh versions).
  • This game includes a sing-along section, which allows the player to look at (sometimes extended versions) all the songs, & sing along with the high-lighting text.
  • This is the first Living Book to include a mini-game.
  • The sampler here is shortened down, as it doesn't include Arthur's Teacher Trouble, The New Kid on the Block, or Ruff's Bone. This is mostly because the map game's file size is huge enough to consume a large amount of space on the CD.
  • Not counting Just Grandma and Me V2 & the Brazilian version of Stellaluna, this is the final multilingual title.
  • This is the last Living Book to utilize the original plain gray-background The End screen, except the background is bright blue.
  • This demo version can be featured in The Berenstain Bears in the Dark, Green Eggs and Ham, Stellaluna, and Arthur's Reading Race.
  • In a prototype version featured in the second sampler, the opening portion has a black background instead of white, & you don't click on the pictures to proceed; the story plays automatically. It would be like this in Read to Me mode in the finished game, & was later corrected in the later samplers.
  • This is the 4th Living Books game to feature the Wizard animation in the credits.
  • You leave the book when Sheila Rae says "Okay".
  • When copying the entire Windows program along with its files to the desktop on a Windows computer, the game would be unplayable on there & would require editing the outline file, in which you would have to remove the "\" before "DATA", all quotation marks & the "load"/"cut load" & "fade" commands from every file listed (using the Edit > Replace method would be quicker) in order to get the game working from opening it on the desktop (despite resulting in a huge lack of fading in the game). Also, a space would be required after the file SRP01BEP.MHK to avoid skipping that page.
  • This game was, for some reason, not planned to be re-released by Wanderful, leaving it out of print & somewhat hard to find. Copies of the CD-Rom can still be found on some auction sites including eBay.