Intro Edit

At the dinner table, Sheila Rae pretends the cherries in her fruit cocktail are dead bear eyes, and scares Louise in the process.

Click Points Edit

  • Sheila Rae: Sheila Rae sings Dead Bear Eyes.
  • Sheila Rae's cocktail: Sheila Rae stacks cherries on her spoon one by one counting to five, and eats them.
  • Louise: Louise looks away, and Sheila Rae puts cherries over her eyes. Louise turns back, and panics.
  • Louise's cocktail: Louise asks if she has to eat her cocktail, and the mother states they're just cherries. Sheila Rae whispers "dead bear eyes" to Louise, causing her to panic again.
  • Mother: The mother states she thinks the cherries are good in response to Louise.
  • Mother's cocktail: The cocktails all perform a little dance around the table.
  • Mother's tail: The mother's tail straightens briefly.
  • Father: The father states fruit cocktail used to be his favorite dessert, as if it isn't as good as he remembers.
  • Father's cocktail: Sheila Rae distracts her father, and steals a cherry while he isn't looking.
  • Father's tail: A fly hovers near the father's tail, and he eventually swats it using it out of annoyance.
  • Tray: The tray makes various faces. It has three different animations that are triggered each time it is clicked.
  • Teddy bear: The bear briefly raises its head, and Louise responds by saying it's hungry. She then crawls under the table and gives it a drink.
  • Baby bottle: The bottle squirts.
  • Fruit bowl: A banana and an orange dance together like a couple.
  • Yellow tablecloth: The banana hops out of the fruit bowl and plays a magician. He performs an act where he makes a piece of cake disappear; the stray dog then walks by and eats the cake.
  • Clock: The pendulum starts to move faster and faster, eventually causing the clock to break in a cartoonish fashion.
  • Left picture: The lady in the frame wonders what happened to table manners.
  • Middle picture (first time): The butterfly pops out of the painting and flies away.
  • Middle picture (second time onward): The rabbit in the painting eats some grass, comments on it, and moves to another spot on the picture. The first two times he finds it tasty, but the third time he is disgusted.
  • Right picture: The man in the picture states Sheila Rae takes after the left picture lady's side of the family, which she is proud of.

Outro Edit

Louise asks if she can be excused. The mother reluctantly allows her, and Louise runs off in fear.