Intro Edit

The narrator states Sheila Rae giggled when the principal walked by in school. She also recounts one time in recess where a classmate Wendell stole her jump rope; her response was tying him up until the bell rang.

Click Points Edit

  • Wendell: Wendell sings "All Tied Up".
  • Left fence: A classmate runs by with a stick and accidentally hits Wendell.
  • Right fence: A dog walks up to Wendell, and he begs it to untie him. When it gets on his lap though, it just licks his face, leaving Wendell in disgust.
  • Sheila Rae: Wendell asks if Sheila Rae wants her jump rope back, but she declines.
  • Louise: Louise states Wendell's lack of enthusiasm, but Sheila Rae responds by saying he deserved it.
  • Left bird: The birds tap-dance.
  • Right bird: The bird on the right requests to play jump rope, but the bird on the left states there has to be three. The bird on the right states they can just play with Wendell, which they do so by using his tail.
  • Background classmates on left, leftmost: The kid throws up the soccer ball, and they all claim they have it, but it just lands in the middle of all of them.
  • Background classmates on left, middle: The kid tells them to throw the soccer ball to him, but they accidentally throw too far and it bonks Wendell on the head, bouncing right back to them.
  • Background classmates on left, rightmost: The kid performs a balancing act with the soccer ball.
  • Background classmate in the middle: The girl is at 842 consecutive jumps, but messes up at 844 and has to start over.
  • Background classmate on right: The girl jump ropes to the "Cinderella" rhyme, but only reaches five before tiring out.
  • Door: The principal pops out and asks the kids if they're behaving.
  • Kid in window on left: The kid on the right asks why the kid on the left has to stay in for recess. He proceeds to state that his teacher says he talks too much, and begins to go into great detail about it in a very talkative manner.
  • Kid in window on right: The kid on the right states he had to stay in for daydreaming about, ironically enough, recess.
  • Band practice poster: A voice reads the poster, and the band proceeds to play in an obnoxious fashion.
  • Orange poster: The poster sneezes.
  • Green poster: The poster falls off the bulletin board.
  • Window shade: The shade pulls down and the kids start to play shadow puppets.
  • Bush (first time): The butterfly pops out and flies away.
  • Bush (second time): The stray dog pops out of the bushes and chuckles.

Outro Edit

The bell rings, and Wendell asks if he's going to be untied. Sheila Rae jokingly states they're thinking about it.