Snuffy Dumpty was a good egg. He was also a very large one. One day for reasons no one has ever known, Snuffy Dumpty sat on the wall. It's always been a big mystery house Snuffy Dumpty got on the wall to begin with. "I don't have any idea", Snuffy Dumpty admitted.

Oh well, Snuffy Dumpty was no ordinary egg that's for sure. Anyway Snuffy Dumpty was just sitting on the wall minding his business when suddenly he had a great ball. "Oh my, I'm falling!" Snuffy Dumpty cried. And he broke into a snuff billion pieces.

An alarm when out across the countryside. After all Snuffy Dumpty was well-known and well-liked by everyone. Soon they were all crowded around Snuffy Dumpty trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together again.

They couldn't figure out what went where. They kept getting his top and his bottom confused. "Oh, dear, I don't think that's quite right", Snuffy Dumpty said.

So they called in some help. The King's horses and the King's men were specialists in putting things right. They worked night and day trying every possible way of hatching them up.

No matter what they did, all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Snuffy Dumpty together again. So they just did the best they could and since Snuffy Dumpty on his way. "Oh, golly, at least I'm not on that wall anymore", Snuffy Dumpty said.

Well, Snuffy Dumpty was never quite the same. Of course he made sure to stay away from walls forever after. And as he sat down on an old treestomp to take an afternoon nap, Snuffy Dumpty sighed. "Ah. That's much more comfortable."