Spot is a dog in Harry and the Haunted House and the TV series. In fact he is the game's and TV series's main dog tetartagonist. He was given to Harry D. Rabbit by his music star friend Billy Joel and is Harry's pet puppy. He is the son of Earl Earwax's late pet dog Spunky and the brother of Princess (who was given to Amy Fourpaws), David (who is kept by Earl), Wilma (who is also kept by Earl) and Dino (who is kept by Earl too). His four talent show acts are "Piano Man" with his owner Harry and Billy, "Put Your Little Foot Right There" with Harry, Billy and Amy as well as Harry's little sister Olivia Rabbit, Earl Earwax, Sherrie Swafford, Stinky Jones and Steve Perry join in, "Oh, Sherrie" with Steve, Harry, Earl and Amy, and "We Are The World" with everybody. Spot is a white puppy dog with a black spot, black eyes and a red collar around his neck and Harry loves him very much. He travels everywhere with the group (Harry D. Rabbit, Amy Fourpaws, Earl Earwax and Stinky Jones) especially concerts, zoos, school, amusement theme parks, restaurants and friends' homes (except Stinky's apartment because his grandfather is allergic to dog and cat fur and fancy restaurants because pet dogs are not allowed in fancy restaurants so Amy dog-sits him while Harry and his family go out to eat in fancy restaurants). Spot is best friends with Harry, Amy, Earl, Stinky, Harry's family and the Journey band members and other music stars and good friends with the upcoming teacher Mr. Conrad alongside Harry. He is also the only dog that Ross Valory of Journey likes and luckily doesn't slobber on him. Valory hates other dogs that slobber on him. Spot loves sweets cookie jars and frog cookie jars. He and Harry are winners of National Pet Day and are co-hosts alongside Joel in Harry's Beach Talent Show as well as talenters there too. Spot even adores the band Journey so much especially Steve Perry and his girlfriend Sherrie Swafford as well as all the other Journey members. He was seen with his rainbow colored dog musketeer mask on battle and killed Chucky Barnes's wicked pet snake Angriness, scratching him repeatedly and biting him in two, killing and devouring the snake and biting his scaly skin off for snack time much to the defeated bully's shock. Spot loves Harry and all his friends: the other kids and music stars too. Plus, his favorite trolls are Biggie, King Peppy, Mandy, Moxie and Fuzzbert. He is a detective dog and is very clever who always loves playing smart.

  • Weapons: His teeth and claws
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite Troll: Biggie, King Peppy, Mandy, Moxie, Fuzzbert
  • Favorite Song from the Beach Talent Show: "Piano Man", "Put Your Little Foot, Right There", "Oh, Sherrie" and "We Are The World"
  • Favorite Costume: Rainbow Musketeer mask
  • The Jungle Book Role: Gray the wolf pup (who is voiced by Harry's younger brother Danny Rabbit who also played infant Mowgli)
  • Likes: Harry, Harry's Family, Harry's Friends
  • Dislikes: Snakes (especially Angriness), Ross Valory (before he met him)
  • Similar Traits: Noo-Noo from Teletubbies (helpful), Grover from Sesame Street (also helpful) and Sparkles and Lily from Barbie and the Diamond Castle (pet puppy)

Harry's Beach Talent Show ActsEdit


Amy Fourpaws the New Dog-Sitter (Season 1, Episode 2, March 31, 1995)

  • Harry D. Rabbit: It's my next-door neighbor Amy Fourpaws. She can help me. Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy Fourpaws!
  • Amy Fourpaws: (first line) Hi, Harry, I'm back and who is that anyway?
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Oh it's Spot my dog.
  • Amy Fourpaws: Hi, Spot, my name's Amy Fourpaws by the way.
  • Spot: (barking)
  • Harry D. Rabbit: He wants to come with me, but dogs are not allowed in fancy restaurants.
  • Amy Fourpaws: I'll keep an eye on him.
  • Kathy Rabbit: Harry, we don't want you to be late. Hurry up!
  • Harry D. Rabbit: Okay, Mom, I'm coming. Amy, do me a favor. While my family and I are out for dinner, will you keep an eye on Spot?
  • Amy Fourpaws: Yes I'll keep both eyes on him. He'll be perfectly safe with me.
  • Harry D. Rabbit: (before leaving to dinner with his family) Good.
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