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The Berenstain Bears: Get In a Fight
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Living Books CD Rom (1995)


May 1, 1995


Brother Bear,
Sister Bear,
Papa Bear,
Mama Bear,
Boyfriend Bee (running gag)






Harry and the Haunted House


Sheila Rae, the Brave

The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight is the first Berenstain Bears interactive Living Books PC game from 1995. It is based on the 1982 book written by Stan & Jan Berenstain and its adaptation of the 1985 TV series on CBS.


The story opens explaining how Brother and Sister Bear, the main characters, usually get along really well by waiting their turns to use the bathroom, using good table manners, sitting together on the bus, sharing toys and respecting each other well. But one gray morning, Brother and Sister's argument begins and quickly turns into a fight between the two of them, and eventually a battle between both of them.

It is first started where Sister lets her feet dangle down in front of Brother's face, annoying Brother. Sister puts her head close to Brother in an annoyed look. Then, Sister, agitated, races off to the bathroom before Brother does.

When Sister takes too much time in the bathroom, Brother angrily bangs on the door and shouting at her to get out of the bathroom. Papa comes out of his bedroom and says to Brother that this is no way to talk to Sister ("You know better than to shout at your sister!"). Brother says (complaining that Sister is hogging the bathroom by taking a long time in there), "But she's taking too long and she's doing it on purpose!". Sister Bear was really hogging the bathroom.

Then, they use bad table manners at breakfast, sit in different seats on the bus (Sister Bear sits in the front and Brother Bear sits in the way back), take back the toys they normally shared (Sister takes back her modeling clay that Brother made into dinosaurs for his school project and rolled it into a big lump; while Brother hides his toy planes and trucks), and draw a line down their backyard tree house to split up, determining which side is their own. After Mama and Papa Bear get fed up with their shouting, Mama Bear (after whistling loudly at Papa, Brother, and Sister from shouting) explains how everyone gets in arguments sometimes, and remarks however Brother and Sister probably forgot what caused them to fight at all. And the next day, they make up with each other and apologize, and wash off the line they have drawn down the backyard tree house until the next time, anyway.



  • 1. Brother Bear and Sister Bear wake up in the morning.
  • 2. Brother Bear and Sister Bear share the bathroom.
  • 3. Brother and Sister had a good morning and played toys together.
  • 4. Brother Bear starts a fight with Sister Bear in the morning.
  • 5. Sister Bear takes over the bathroom and Brother Bear fights for it.
  • 6. Brother Bear and Sister Bear had a bad morning and divided their tree house and it rained.
  • 7. Brother Bear, Sister Bear and Papa Bear argue with each other.
  • 8. The Storm continues while the Fight goes on until Mama Bear blows the whistle.
  • 9. Mama Bear stops the fight and Brother Bear, Sister Bear, Papa Bear make up.
  • 10. The rain stops and Brother, Sister, Mama and Papa go outside to look at the rainbow.
  • 11. Brother Bear and Sister Bear clean up the red line they divided and get along.


Bear Country Locations[]


  • The running gag in the story is a bee looking for his "honey." The iOS port would give him the name "Buzzy".
  • This game also came with a video documentary of Stan & Jan Berenstain, and is the only Living Book to include such a thing.
  • This is the first Living Books game to have a sampler, which was included on this disc as a separate application apart from the game. The only other games to have this treatment were Arthur's Computer Adventure and the 1998 rerelease of Arthur's Teacher Trouble.
    • Originally, demos of any Living Books game would be included as standalone demos on any Living Books game disc.
    • Oddly, this game includes both the standalone demos and the first sampler, without reusing any files.
  • A prototype of Dr. Seuss' ABC can be found in the sampler on this disc, as it was not yet released. It has no music (which strangely carried into the other samplers with few exceptions) and also has a man's voice instead of Icabod's voice announcing the title of the book.
  • Like the other Berenstain Bears game, you leave the book when Papa Bear says, "Well, if you say so. Bye" (if "Yes" is chosen), but you might want to keep playing when he says "Okay" (if "No" is chosen). The "No" is Brother Bear while the "Yes" is Sister Bear. Since both of these games are Berenstain Bears games, it's Brother and Sister for "No" and "Yes" on the "Quit".
    • Also, like the other Berenstain Bears game, Papa Bear is the only tritagonist who asks the player if the want to quit, since most quit screens are asked by the main protagonist or sometimes the deuteragonist in the said Living Book.
  • This demo version can be featured in Dr. Seuss' ABC, Sheila Rae, the Brave, The Berenstain Bears in the Dark, Green Eggs and Ham, Stellaluna, and Arthur's Reading Race.
  • Most of the North American versions of most Living Books games used at least three credits animations, but the PAL versions of almost every game always used the same two credits animations every time: The artists who fight with paints, followed by the musicians. This game, The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight, oddly used a reversed order of these two credits animations for its credits this way: First, the musicians, and then second, the two artists who fight with paints.
  • This game was also packaged along with other Living Books games in a Living Books Library box set.
  • This was the last Living Books game to support IBM files.
  • This is the second shortest Living Book, with eleven pages. However, DW the Picky Eater, which has only ten pages, has no page number.
  • This Living Books game uses a different variant of the original plain background THE END screen; it is in a teal background with a window of the Berenstain Bears' tree house and the Bear family opens the window to say goodbye, then a bee named Buzzy pulls a banner that says "the end".



Page 1[]

Brother Bear: Good Morning Sister.

Mockingbird: Good Morning Sister.

Sister Bear: Good Morning Brother Bear.

Sun: Hey, I was still sleeping.

Firefly 1: See you later, Fred.

Firefly 2: Yeah, see you tonight, Sam.

Firefly 3: See y'all!

Page 2[]

Sister Bear: Brother Bear?

Brother Bear: You can come in.

Sister Bear: Breakfast is almost ready.

Brother Bear: Okay, I'll be there soon.

Page 3[]

Brother Bear: I know what I can make for my school project.

Sister Bear: What?

Brother Bear: Dinosaurs! (makes the clay into a dinosaur which is a Brachiosaurus) LOOK! A Brachiosaurus!

Page 4[]

Brother Bear: Get your dopey feet out of my face!

Sister Bear: My feet aren't dopey and they're not in your face!

Brother Bear: Get your dopey face out of my face!

Sister Bear: You shut up!

Mockingbird: Just 5 more minutes, just 5 more minutes.

Mockingbird: Brr. Boy it's really getting chilly around here.

Blockhead Robot 1: You are a blockhead!

Blockhead Robot 2: No! You're a blockhead!

Blockhead Robot 1: No! You are a blockhead! (The Blockhead Robot literally knocks the head off of Blockhead Robot 1 and they both jump back into their toybox.)

Brother and Sister Bear: GRRR! (The toy band goes back into their box.)

Sister Bear: Hey! Leave my doll alone!

Brother Bear: Well, you shouldn't have left it lying around.

Sister Bear: Hey! Let go!

Brother Bear: No you let go!

Sister Bear: You better let go!

Brother Bear: Make me!

(When the next page is clicked on.)

Sister Bear: (to Brother Bear) Well, while you sit there being a big grump, I am going to get into the bathroom before you!

(Sister Bear runs off to the bathroom.)

Brother Bear: You better not (or else)!

Sister Bear: OH YEAH!? (laughs) WELL, WATCH ME!

Page 5[]

Brother Bear: (jumps up and down) You better come out of that bathroom! (bangs on the bathroom door and attempts to yank at the doorknob)

Papa Bear: Brother Bear. You know better than to shout at your sister.

Brother Bear: But she's taking too long, and she's doing it on PURPOSE!

Brother Bear: You better come out of there right now! I am giving you to the count of three! And then, you better open this door!

(Brother threatens to scalp Sister if she does not open the door and let him into the bathroom. After threatening to scalp her, he counts to three. But in an arithmetic way.)

Brother Bear: (counting) One... One and a quarter... One and a half... One and three quarters... Two... Two and a quarter... Two and a half... Two and three-quarters... THREE!!!!!

(Brother bangs on the door on his loudest bang.)

Papa Bear: (to Brother for his "arithmetic counting") Brother Bear?

Brother Bear: I'm REALLY fed up with waiting out here! (jumps up and down) You are really making me MAD!

Sister Bear: I'll be out in a minute...heh, heh, heh!

Brother Bear: GRRR!!! (jumps onto the doorknob in an attempt to yank at it, but gets off)

Page 6[]

Sister Bear: Papa, will you tell "you-know-who", that he isn't allowed on my side of the room?

Brother Bear: I wouldn't go on her side of the room if you paid me!

Page 7[]

Brother Bear: Those are MY toys! You can't play with them!

(Brother picks up the toys --his toy trucks and planes-- and puts them away in a closet on a higher shelf only reachable by adults, unless using a chair like he was using.)

Sister Bear: (to Brother after Brother hid his trucks and planes from her) Well, I want my clay back. Your dinosaurs look stupid anyway!

(Sister molds up Brother Bear's clay dinosaurs. Then she rolls them into a big ball of clay)

Brother Bear: HEY! That was my school project! I've been working on that for a week!

Sister Bear: Well, it's my clay, and you can't use it!

Papa Bear: (runs in to intervene on the altercation between the cubs) What is all the racket in here? I'm tired of you two yelling all the time!


Page 8[]

Sister Bear: Did not!

Brother Bear: Did too!

Sister Bear: Did not!

Brother Bear: Did, too!

Papa Bear: Stop yelling!

Sister Bear: (hushed) I did not!

Brother Bear: (Also hushed) You did too!

Neighbor: Could you please keep it down?

Mama Bear: Pardon me?

Neighbor: Can you please keep it down?!

Mama Bear: What did you say?!



Mama Bear: Well, you don't have to shout. (slams the door)

Brother Bear: You can't use my treehouse!

Sister Bear: It's my treehouse, too!

Brother Bear: It's NOT your treehouse, it's MY treehouse! I built it. You sat around, and I did all the work.

Sister Bear: I sat around?! You sat around! You hardly did anything.

Brother Bear: I touched your teddy bear!

Sister Bear: He's mine, don't you touch him!

Brother Bear: Touched him again, ha-ha-ha!

Sister Bear: Stop it, stop it, stop it!

(Mama Bear closes the upstairs window where the fight is heard)

Brother Bear: You throw like a girl!

Sister Bear: I am a girl! And I can throw farther than you!

Brother Bear: I never liked you anyways.

Sister Bear: You did too!

Brother Bear: Did not!

Sister Bear: Oh, you think you're such a big smarty-pants?!

Brother Bear: Yes, I am!

Page 9[]

Sister Bear: (from the flashback) YOUR DINOSAURS ARE STUPID ANYWAY!

Sister Bear: (apologizes to Brother about taking back her model clay and wrecking Brother's clay dinosaurs) I am sorry that I wrecked your dinosaurs. I can help you make new ones if you like.

(Brother accepts Sister's apology even though her saying "Sorry" may not fix his dinosaurs just because she said it. He accepts it even though Sister still broke them. Really they are still broken, but Brother forgives her anyway.)

Brother Bear: Well, OK.

(Brother happily accepts it when Sister promises him she can help him make new clay dinosaurs for the trouble she caused on it and to make up for it when she took back her clay. So despite the fact that she purposely wrecked Brother's clay dinosaurs, she says "Sorry" and promises to help Brother build new clay dinosaurs. It is true that her apology is not good enough. But Brother forgives her and accepts her promise to help him make new dinosaurs.)

The End[]

(the whole Bear family opens the window)

Sister Bear: Well, that was really fun!

Brother Bear: Hope to see you again soon.

(a bee named Buzzy pulls a banner that says "the end" on it)

The whole bear family: Bye for now!


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