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Wanderful interactive storybooks is a revived developer of Living Books founded in 2010 by former Living Books CEO Mickey W. Mantle.

A small team of the original Brøderbund programmers were reunited to create a new engine that could emulate the animation, graphics, sound and music from the original Living Books CD-ROMs and convert them to iOS apps at full-screen resolution on the iPad using a touch, rather than a mouse driven interface. Mark Schlichting – creator of the Living Books series – joined the team as Chief Creative Officer and developed touch-driven updates to the original mouse-driven interface.

Wanderful has so far re-released the following Living Books titles as iOS Apps (in order by release date):


  • The Quit page has been removed, and the Options menu has been revamped– allowing you to jump to any page just by dragging down the top screen and scrolling to the desired page, then tapping the page you want to jump to.
  • The games are available in more languages including Spanish, German, French, UK English, and Portuguese. When you first purchase an app for each title, you will only get the English language, and purchase is required to get other languages.
  • There are two sections of credits on these iOS apps: one being the original Living Books jazz credits from the original games for the Living Books team, and another for the Wanderful team.
  • The following games were not re-released by Wanderful as follows:

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