"When Tillie ate the Chilli" is a poem appears from Living Books' "The New Kid on the Block"


When Tillie ate the Chilli
She erupted from her seat
She gulped a quart of water
And fled screaming down the street

She coughed
She wheezed
She sputtered

She ran totally amok
She set a new world record
As she raced around the block

Tillie's mouth was full of fire
Tillie's eyes were red with tears
She is smoking through her nostrils
She is steaming through her ears

She cooled off an hour later
Showing perfect self-control
As she said "What a tasty chilli,
I should have another bowl."

Event-handled words/phrasesEdit

1st Stanza:

  • "Tillie" - she greets in front of the screen.
  • "Chilli" - a bowl of chilli turns orange and boils violently, with Tillie's delight.
  • "Erupted" - she explodes herself unharmed after two seconds like a volcano.
  • "Water" - she drinks about six gulps of water from a bucket.
  • "Fled screaming" - she runs outside screaming, and miniature version of her shows running and .cartwheeling before returning to her seat, coughing a smoke out.
  • "Down" - an arrow pointing downwards float down with highlights 
  • "Street" - a scene of busy street on her table fades in, revealing cars and drivers.

2nd Stanza

  • "Coughed" - she coughs harshly, with her toupee bouncing up.
  • "Wheezed" - she breathes forcefully.
  • "Sputtered" - she blows raspberries and stops with tongue sticking out.

3rd Stanza

  • "Ran totally amok" - she goes insane and runs out, similar to "fled screaming" command.
  • "World record" - a spinning globe appears, and Tillie holds a medal, signifying "world record".
  • "Raced around the block" - she sprints outside, races around three houses in four laps rapidly, and returns to her seat happily.

4th Stanza

  • "Mouth" - she puffs her mouth.
  • "Fire" - her tongue sticks out, revealing a small fire on it.
  • "Eyes" - her eyes bloat suddenly with trumpet sounds, and blink.
  • "Red" - her shirt flashes red with alarm sounds (the animation is still, except the image only moves slightly).
  • "Smoking" - she blows black smoke through her nose.
  • "Nostrils" - 
  • "Steaming" - an abrupt steam emits from her body, with Tillie's surprise.
  • "Ears" - she pulls her left ear out.

5th Stanza

  • "Cooled" -
  • "Hour later" - a cuckoo clock appears striking one hour after, and a call of a cuckoo is shown.
  • "Self-control" - she poses her breast in self-controlling manner, with relaxed expression, and a drum sounds is heard.
  • "Tasty" - she licks her mouth with delight.
  • "Chilli" - a bowl of chilli turns orange and boils violently, with Tillie's delight.
  • "Another bowl" - a second identical bowl of chilli flies from the right, replacing the current one with collission and disappearing to the left. It highlights its colored bowl.